Sunday Sum Up

It’s a bit of a short one this week. I started out strong and then ran out of energy, thanks to a cold I started coming down with on Wednesday night. And it’s not even a bad cold. It’s just one that’s making me feel generally uncomfortable and tired, while sapping any energy I have to get anything done. I also drove 200 miles last night to my parents’ house so I could take family portraits for my best friend and spend a little time with my parents before I drive 200 miles home tonight.

In spite of a sluggish brain and low dosages of cold meds, I’ve made some observations this week:

  • When the electric company emails me to notify me that my bill is ready, they always put an exclamation point on it, as though they think I’m happy to see it. Dear electric company, no one is excited to receive the bill at the end of the month…
  • Meteorologists should not describe hail as ‘ping pong ball’ sized. It sounds ridiculous, and not at all like the serious weather condition it is attempting to describe.
  • Going back through something you enjoyed as a tween when you’re an adult can inspire both a wonderful sense of nostalgia and the urge to facepalm repeatedly within seconds of each other.
  • There’s nothing like coming back to the place you grew up in to make you realize how much you have grown apart from that place.
blur cartography close up concept

Did I drive to the right place? Photo by slon_dot_pics on

What I read this week:

Yup. That’s it. I thought it was great! I’ve had no energy to write a review. Maybe this week.


Current Reads:

And… that’s it. I’m enjoying it as much as Spinning Silver, but… No energy. It does not help that they have been building a new parking lot right across the street, and because it’s a private university building it, they’re not restricted to city hours, and so they’ll start grading the lot at 6:00 on a Saturday morning.

Guys, it’s hard to sleep when they’re building a parking lot right across the street.


I’ve been having a hard time getting through the second half of the audiobook of The Last Wish by Adzrej Sapkowski, in part because I usually listen to audiobooks when I’m finishing up the end of day paperwork after everyone else has gone home, but most of the days, someone else was there, too, for whatever reason, and I felt weird turning on my audiobook when I wasn’t alone.

So overall, it was a weird reading week. But bookwise, it was great, if that makes any sense. I spent a lot of time at the library, poking around the shelves, and because I completed the Summer Reading Program I received coupons for two of the bookstores downtown. One was for the used bookstore, the other was for one of the indie shops. So of course, I bought some books. I can’t remember all the titles right now, and they’re 200 miles away, so I’ll show them off during my July summary!

So that’s all for now. I need to get my photo gear together for my upcoming photo session, so off I go.

Have a fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sum Up

  1. I love your observations haha. I am still giggling over the ping pong sized hail. And I have to admit, I agree about revisiting things from our teen years 😉 You have had the worst luck with colds this year. I hope this one is just a small blip on the radar for you. Safe travels home my friend!

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