Top Ten Photos of 2020

Last year (it sounds so good to be able to say of 2020, “that was last year”), I completed my second Photo 365 challenge. And yes, I know it should have been a Photo 366, as 2020 was a leap year but I accidentally skipped August 24th. The good news is that I still completed a Photo 365, because that was the only day I missed.

Thanks to the pandemic, my movements were far more circumscribed than I would I have liked. The challenge, then, was to look at my neighborhood anew and see the beauty in the things I’ve been overlooking.

So in no particular order, here are my favorite photos that I took for my Photo 365 challenge:

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Photos of 2020

  1. That’s what crushed me last year. When we were told not to go outside unless necessary…I lost all my mojo

  2. Congratulations on doing so well with the challenge. That takes dedication. I really like the graphic nature of the building interior with the nice reflections on the window, and the outdoor shot with the stairs and warm circle of light.

  3. Thanks! I really like that one, too. I remember taking it last summer, the whole day felt a little surreal thanks to everything that was going on with the pandemic and BLM protests so the image really matches how I was feeling. A bit displaced and unsure of what was where.

  4. Me favourite photos of yers from last year were the weekly kitten updates! I can’t help but love Mina’s shenanigans. And Sidney putting up with her. Of this batch of photos I love the contrast in the staircase one the best. May 2021 be smooth sailing and calm winds.
    x The Captain

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