Best Cat Photos of 2020: Mina

For those of you who follow this blog solely for the cat photos and Mina updates, it is a great day here at Traveling in Books, because this post is nothing but cute cat photos! I’m constantly taking photos of this little black cat of mine, because she is so darned cute.


9 thoughts on “Best Cat Photos of 2020: Mina

  1. More kittens! Such a highlight of the week. I love my three nutkins but I don’t have the ability to capture them quite so well in photo form. Adore the Mina stories. She is a nutkins too.
    x The Captain

  2. She looks kinda sassy in the second to last photo, lol, as if she has an attitude.
    I love all these but the last one and the second to last one are my favs. 🙂

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