Black and White Photography: Trying a New Film

A co-worker had some rolls of black and white film leftover from one of her photography classes, and because she doubted she was ever going to use it, she let the two of us who use film take what we wanted. It’s Arista EDU 400ASA, an inexpensive black and white film made for students. I’ve run my first roll through my Canon AE-1, gotten it developed, and seen the results. The photos are what I expected– medium-contrast, and a little grainy. I still prefer my favorite film, Ilford’s HP5, but I’m never going to turn down free film.

5 thoughts on “Black and White Photography: Trying a New Film

  1. I’m not familiar with Arista. Granted, I only used film when much younger and not in school, and I never tried all that many different films. Is this your first time using that brand of film? It’s very obvious that in creative hands it can produce some beautiful photographs, but I suspect that could be said of any film. I especially like that last one of the stairs. It’s a perfect example of finding a very simple subject, something I might never think to photograph, and yet with the right lighting and a creative mind to find a pleasing composition it turns into an amazing image. The more I flip through these the more I keep going back to that last image. I just really love that one. Nicely done!

  2. I know I’ve used Arista for something else, but I can’t think of what it was. It wasn’t film whatever it was. This is my first time using it. We mostly used Ilford’s HP5 in art school. And yeah, any film can produce a beautiful image if you know what you’re doing with it.

    I like the stairs, too! They’re inside a building on a college campus I live near. I walk there often, and I’ve probably walked by those stairs a hundred times, but it took seeing it in the right, late afternoon light to really see a composition I loved.

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